We are glad to develop a software program that helps both the doctors and the patient’s journey to recovery through improved systems of communication. With telemedicine development technology, we offer a platform for video visits where a doctor can quickly analyze the welfare of patience without necessarily being in contact physically. The system is a perfect way to care for the patients and improve their well-being.

We use the latest technology to create the telemedicine software program to make it possible for remote operations for doctors. The doctors can easily set up appointments with the patients, monitor the well-being of the patient, and get health-related data through telemedicine software technology.

The telemedicine applications help the patients to achieve the following via video calls:

    • Ask questions
    • Get online prescriptions
    • Access PHR and medical information
    • Book appointments
  • Get notifications via mobile phones
  • View the profile of the doctors.

Advantages of Telemedicine Software Development

The telemedicine software development program comes with many benefits that will satisfy both the doctors and the patients. Below are some of the benefits from the telemedicine program:

  • Improved communication

Through telemedicine software development, communication is simplified between the doctor and the patient. All that is needed is a one-click video call with WebRTC from either the doctor or the patient without having to download and install other software. The process is simple and direct.

  • Screen Share Technology

The program has made it easier for doctors to share crucial information instantly with the patients, or even the patients can share the information with doctors without issues. They only connect via screen share, and the other party gets access to the information instantly. The information can be the doctor’s prescription, directions for treatment, or even medical charts.

  • Improved Health Results

Since there are no movements involved, it is advantageous especially to the patients because they do not have to move from one point to another trying to seek medical attention. They simply share their feelings with the doctors on the online platform, and the doctor’s instant prescription is a sure way of the overall well-being of the patient.

  • Flexibility

The patient’s one-click video gives room for the doctors to schedule their work appropriately, whether at home or in the office. Thanks to telemedicine software program, the doctors can work from anywhere, which also save a lot of time and resources primarily on the patient’s side

  • Efficiency

Thanks to the telemedicine software program, the patients don’t need to queue for long hours waiting to be attended to. The services provided through telemedicine programs are instant. Also, the work for intermediary staff between the doctors and patients is eliminated, which saves more time. The work of the intermediary staff is to check with the doctor’s schedule so that they can make arrangements with the patient.  All these tasks are done through a simple video-call click.

  • Improved services

Through telemedicine programs, patients are assured of service delivery since the doctors have flexible time to plan their schedules. This implies that once an appointment is set up, it can’t be canceled, and the serviced will be delivered as expected. We specialize in the following telemedicine areas to improve service delivery:

Continuous check-ups on patients – Our team of experts creates applications that can check on the behavior of the patients regularly through IoT devices and wearable devices.

Mobile applications – We also create apps that support both iOS and Android devices to enhance easy communications.

Pharmacy integration – We also connect the pharmacy with a telemedicine application so that patients can get quick access to medicine.

Streaming telehealth services – We create a function for smooth video conferencing that helps Interactive voice response, virtual appointments, and consultations.