At Web Makeout, we build custom e-Learning & online training solutions to empower your employees/students, activate performance & realize business change. Our solutions are tailored to our customer’s needs. Our service offerings cater to two distinct needs:

  • Custom e-Learning Services
  • Online Training and Outreach

We propagate the agenda of any time, Anywhere learning through our robust, reliable web-based learning and training platforms.

Custom e-Learning & Training Software Solutions

Change in the technological landscape has transformed the way of living. Today’s customers demand convenience at their fingertips. This has pushed the boundaries of learning platforms beyond limits!

e-Learning and training form the core of an organization’s employee development. It supports knowledge sharing across multiple channels- mobiles, tablets, computers, etc.; over the Internet or via an intranet, integrated with your tutoring, learner support, and management processes. Having grown at an outstanding pace, this platform is gaining popularity amongst all channels – schools, organizations, training centers, etc.

At Web Makeout, we develop performance-changing learning and training experiences and offer a gamut of tailored e-learning and training services to achieve your training goals. Being cognizant of the company regulations, limitations on expenditures, and thin timelines, our team focuses on the rapid development of e-learning and online training solutions. All our solutions follow the best instructional design methodology to be viable and valuable. We offer a mix of fully customizable courses and reusable templates to ensure business and training success. Our outstanding web-based Learning Content Portal provides end-to-end management of the learning experience to the administrator. It enables the creation and management of assignments and related content, training exams, and online assessment along with detailed evaluation & comprehensive analysis of the candidate’s performance.

We partner with our customers to understand their needs and deliver real outcomes which make a business impact. Our solutions ensure that our customer’s investment in their employees is justified by challenging them to take risks and experience consequences within a safe, online learning and training environment. From small simulations to scenario-based software training- our web-based, easy-to-implement solutions span across all varieties depending on our client’s needs and budgets. It eliminates all geographical barriers reinforcing collaboration and opens up a broad horizon of learning, discussions, and cross-cultural interactions.

With virtual classrooms, there is no restriction on the number of candidates, neither is there any specific requirement for physical classrooms and supporting infrastructure. Candidates can take lessons online as well as offline. This coupled with 24×7 availability makes scheduling easier – facilitating learning anywhere, anytime!

Our e-Learning services are focused on making the learning session more interactive through the addition of audio, video, animations, and attention catchy images. This is quintessential for ensuring a boost in employee performance and addresses your business challenges

Salient Features of e-Learning and Online Training Solution

  • Virtually hosted learning and training management solution for effective learning & training
  • Interactive content using audio, video, images, animations to engage your audience
  • Dedicated portal for content management with a host of features
  • Repository of Q&A for quick learning and revision
  • Easy to create assignments and tests for effective learning practices
  • Series of practice tests to monitor performance
  • Real-time assessment support with offline evaluation feature
  • Performance monitoring & evaluation through numerous tools
  • Detailed reporting using intuitive and graphical tools for easy understanding
  • User-friendly & informative dashboard
  • Complete online support from tutors and mentors
  • Interactive platform supported with Chat, Discussion Forums & Informative Blogs
  • Control on access privileges for users based on hierarchy

Applications of our e-Learning and Online Training Solution

  • Corporate/Organizations/Multi-National Companies (MNCs)
  • Universities & Colleges
  • Schools
  • Training Institutes
  • Distance Learning Programs
  • Learning Oriented Websites


  • Learn at your own pace: Allows employees and students to speed up/ slow down as per individual availability and capabilities
  • Convenience- Anytime Anywhere Learning & Training– Round the clock 24×7 accessibility. The courses and tests can be taken online as well as offline from any location on multiple devices- Computer, mobile, etc. It also removes the cap on the number of people attending learning or training sessions simultaneously
  • Cost friendly solutions– e-Learning and Training modules are cost-effective as they remove the need for any physical infrastructure, and eliminate the need for trainers, travel, coaching material, printing, and many other related costs
  • Self-directed Learning-Allows employees and students time to choose content and tools appropriate to their differing interests, needs, and skill levels
  • Customized Design according to learner’s interest-Content is developed as per needs and behavioral attributes of the learner
  • Boundless Collaboration– Eliminates Geographical barriers and opens up broader education options and cross-cultural collaboration opportunities

At Web Makeout, we believe that learning and development are an integral part of an organization’s success and we are committed to being a part of our customer’s success. We partner with our customers to understand their learning, training, and development needs and deliver custom solutions to drive performance and boost employee productivity. We are a one-stop solution for your web-based learning and training requirements.