At Web Makeout, we provide high-quality scientific animation services using cutting-edge technology at the right price points. We specialize in scientific animations with visual artistry & imagery which will leave you spellbound. Our highly skilled team of professionals has a proven track record and years of expertise in scientific 2D &3D animations. From company presentation, company video, and website to product, logo, and interactive catalogs, our service span multiple corporate touchpoints. All this comes at a great cost advantage for our clients.

2D/3D Animation-Illusion gives birth to Virtual Reality

Visual Imagery- Multimedia and interactions are at the core of communications. Explaining and comprehending thoughts and concepts are easy when they are presented visually. Scientific Animation services are a powerful medium of storytelling. They have become the mainstay in the modern communication business- not only as tools of visual enhancements but the means of delivering an enhanced customer experience altogether.

Animations are used for the following main reasons:

  • Science can be animated in a compelling way
  • The concept is too complicated to be quickly grasped in an illustration
  • The audience needs to be told how it works
  • The audience needs to understand it quickly

At Web Makeout, our range of services in scientific animation services ranges from High-end Technical, Engineering to Medical, Pharma, MOA animations. Our services include graphics, web banners, logos, etc. We specialize in multimedia presentations, animation walk-through, and animation of buildings, flyovers and interiors, product demos, corporate identity design, medical animation, etc. for corporate clients. For a media organization, we have a wider scope of services including animated movies, animated television programs, and animated advertisements. Our other animation services include game development, flash gateways, and screensavers.

Our team of graphic designers, multi-media developers, architects, and designers is completely dedicated to making those minute details shine through their work. The final copy meets the client’s specifications.

Portfolio of Scientific Animation Services

Our portfolio of services includes the following:

  • Architectural 3D Rendering
  • Architectural 3D walkthroughs
  • 3D Product design and animation
  • 3D Medical Illustration and animation
  • Pharma and MOA Animation
  • Technical and Engineering Animation
  • 2D/3D Cartoon Animation for TV series
  • TV commercial – 3D special effects
  • 3D Industrial Modeling and Animation
  • 3D Games Development

What all we do?

We follow the industry best practices for shaping our clients’ dreams into virtual reality. The range of our activities includes:

  • Conceptualization
  • Storyboarding
  • Persona Development
  • Animatics
  • Scripts from industry experts
  • Voice Over recording & Implementation
  • 3D model simulation
  • Illustrations with Animations

Medical Animation in Bangladesh

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies need animations extensively to showcase their products, explain concepts, etc. Rapid developments in technology, the evolution of science, and new discoveries and inventions across medical sectors call for an accurate and progressive source of documentation. Medical animations and illustrations are also needed for making scientific explanations more comprehensive and easy to understand. This is also useful for medical training, workshops, and illustrations.

Spanning across anatomy, physiology, medical and surgical procedures, pharmacology, and life processes, our medical illustrations translates complex concepts into simplified visual explanations to boost training programs, academic and commercial instructional manuals, sales, marketing, advertising in print, and on television, online and trade shows.

The use of medical animations is not just limited to education in the scientific sector. They find applications in teaching, legal issues, research agencies, journals, magazines, newspapers, television programs, and museums.

At Web Makeout, we provide robust platforms for aesthetic, effective, and educational virtual medical simulation in 2D/3D mode. This helps the sales professional in understanding the medical device and comprehending the use of advanced and innovative instruments, by providing assistance to patients in identifying the disease.

3D Medical Animation Services Services Outsourcing

Our team of expert professionals specializes in creating computer medical animation and illustrations with the use of 3D medical visualization animation graphics. Our visually striking videos create the illusion of depth and aid in comprehending difficult medical processes or medical concepts. Our videos come in reusable formats- with minor changes in voiceover or some screens, the videos can be refreshed and used again.

2D Medical/ Scientific Animation Services

At Web Makeout, we also provide 2D medical animation services which help explain detailed anatomy, treatment processes, physiology, and other health-related areas using visual imagery.

Medical Illustration Services

We provide detailed and accurate medical illustrations of instructional value. These can be used in fields both directly and indirectly related to the health and scientific sector.

Our medical animations are tailored to our customer’s intricate needs in the media they prefer-video, multi-media CDs, 2D/3D printing, etc.

Cost-effective Medical Animation Solutions

Medical Animation creation requires a high level of dedication, accuracy, and talented labor. This leads to a high cost for creation. At Web Makeout, our talented team of professionals working out of Bangladesh gives you access to cost-effective labor and high-quality medical animation services. This has proven profitable to many global companies.

We partner with our clients in helping them bring out the best in their products and market them to their clients using our specialized services.