Technological advancements have completely transformed the communication between organizations and customers. Today, customers interact and consume content across different platforms- smartphones, tablets, web portals, and mobile apps. Generation X, Y, and Z consume information in significantly different ways. To keep up with the spiraling customer expectations, it is essential for organizations to weave an omnichannel customer experience into their business strategy.

What is an omnichannel solution?

An omnichannel solution combines all digital and physical customer touchpoints onto a single platform – including online, mobile, point-of-sale, call center, social media, and print to deliver a seamless customer experience. Irrespective of the industry of operation, these solutions create a contextual, personalized, and relevant customer experience to boost revenues and enhance customer experience and loyalty.

Omni-channel solutions are propagators of any time, Anywhere interactions. They span across the channels customers use to interact with organizations and not the other way around. An omnichannel solution is capable of picking up customers quickly across channels- where they left off on one channel and continue the conversation on another. This helps organizations target and engage with their customers better, providing a consistent and meaningful experience – across every channel, every time.

Need for an omnichannel solution

Omni-Channel Management is crucial to the success of corporations operating in a global business environment. With requests coming from different geographies and different channels, it is important for organizations to provide customers with the possibility of procuring information /goods/services across all channels (retail, online and mobile).  The combination of different sales channels increases revenues as well as customer loyalty.

Omni-channel solutions help integrate web, E-Commerce- and mobile systems and develop solutions that ensure the best-possible cross-system communications as well as an optimized user experience.


At Web Makeout, we develop customized, high-performance web solutions with optimal coordination of all online channels. Our omnichannel solutions find applications across various industries in B2B and B2C commerce applications. Our solutions span industries like retail, eCommerce, financial services, communications, and many more. From order fulfillment, call center to delivering financial services, our omnichannel solutions help in achieving enhanced customer experience across all activities.

A few areas where omnichannel solutions play a very important role are:

  • Merchandising. Omni-channel management solutions can anticipate shoppers’ needs and syndicate relevant content. This makes selling easier and faster.
  • Marketing. Omnichannel tools like personalization, search, promotions, and targeting help marketers promote their brand and utilize sales techniques like limited-time price offers and personalized communication to increase revenues.
  • Order management. A single, real-time view of inventory helps retailers avoid stockouts, while self-service functions help to lower customer service costs.
  • Personalization. Omnichannel solutions provide shoppers’ digital footprint, including online and offline customer data. This real-time insight helps retailers in brand differentiation across marketing touchpoints and shopping channels.
  • Operations. Omnichannel solutions enable administrators to take total control and ensure optimal performance without using database administrators or IT intervention.
  • Intelligence. Retail intelligence enables retailers to anticipate shopping trends while benchmarking provides a clear view of growth opportunities.
  • Development. Omnichannel applications help in building rich and engaging consumer experiences across channels.

Omni Channels Solutions from Web Makeout

Providing flawless omnichannel fulfillment requires exceptional coordination between channels and operations overcoming the silos in which they have operated traditionally. The right omnichannel management solution enables organizations to easily deliver on the” Anywhere, Anytime” promise, giving customers the option to interact in-store or online.  Superior omnichannel management technology simplifies the difficult task of letting customers move effortlessly between channels while maintaining seamless communication and exchange of information with the sales organization.

At Web Makeout, we provide state-of-art omnichannel management solutions built on robust and agile platforms. We offer flexibility in terms of on-premises and cloud offerings. Cloud agnostic omnichannel solution provides an open and extensible cloud platform that provides scale and efficiency.

Key features of Omni-channel solutions

  • Built on robust, agile, and open Architecture and Technology
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems
  • Highly scalable for meeting the high demand
  • Fast Implementation and time to market
  • Pre-configured for B2C and B2B and specific regions and industries
  • Multi-site, multi-region, and multi-currency support with embedded internationalization options
  • Flexible implementation model- on-premise, on-demand, or as a managed service

Benefits of Omni-channel solutions

  • Power rich, interactive customer touchpoints on a single platform
  • Facilitate seamless cross-channel customer experience
  • Orchestrate orders across channels
  • Empower employees and partners to be more effective and provide better service
  • Integrate all of the processes, data, and systems that participate in cross-channel business processes
  • Build on a strong foundation for future innovation and growth

IT Organizations are increasingly focusing on delivering a seamless and consistent customer experience to retain customers and increase loyalty. For the customer, convenience means three things:

  • Simple user interface
  • Consistency across all applications and devices, and
  • Personalization, however, exceptional user experience is often unattainable because of high development costs and required time investments.

With omnichannel management solutions, organizations can reach their customers across multiple channels at low costs.