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With the concept of an online marketplace taking on the industry, businesses are increasingly driven by the need to go online with the right virtual solutions. Without an online presence, businesses may perish as customers embrace eCommerce websites for all kinds of needs- from daily groceries to buying cars and luxury items. The Internet of Things has changed the industry upside down. Shopping and Marketing have got new definitions with the online e-commerce revolution. With rising consumer expectations for convenience and choices, eCommerce has become an indispensable part of the shopping industry.

eCommerce allows retail or any online business from books to accessories, booking to traveling and education leverage internet technology to the fullest to reach out to customers anywhere across the globe in a fraction of seconds. Communicating with the customer has become easier. For consumers, eCommerce offers the benefits of saving time and money. However, with increasing competition, businesses need to keep evolving and experimenting to stay ahead!

At Web Makeout, we help businesses develop virtual shops using best in class Magento platform. We offer custom Magento Development Services & eCommerce store development, extensions development, theme customization, and maintenance services. Our scalable Magento solutions grow with your business and provide you with the right direction to ensure the smooth running of our Magento eCommerce applications.

Magento Web Development

Magento is a feature-rich, professional Open Source eCommerce platform. It offers the best platform alternative for developing online shops with greater flexibility and scalability.

At Web Makeout, we have a dedicated team of Magento Certified Developers (Magento Certified Developer and Magento Certified Developer Plus) experienced in services related to Magento Development & Enterprise eCommerce Solutions. They specialize in developing online stores across industries like retail, healthcare, grocery, transport, and much more. Our agile and customizable capabilities help businesses scale and grow. Further, we offer the flexibility to elevate the framework performance for your growing business needs.

Magento Development Services at Web Makeout:

Our passion for web designing and development keeps our skilled and talented professionals abreast with the current industry trends. This helps us deliver futuristic solutions to our clients. Proper incorporation of needed features, simple navigation, and precise tailoring in view of your specific business objectives assure that our online stores deliver value to your business. We firmly believe in timely delivery & cost-efficient solutions along with consistency and premium quality.

Our team covers all your business needs such as Magento theme, basic store setup, Payment Integration, promotions, shipping, merchandising, drop-ship integration, ERP and third-party API integration, SEO friendly site, social commerce, social media, and more… Some of our Magento development services are:

  • Magento based marketplace implementation
  • Magento extension development
  • Magento mobile application development
  • Magento security implementation
  • Third-party API integrations (SOAP, REST, JSON)
  • Magento multi-store website setup
  • ERP and Drop-ship integration
  • Magento responsive store design & development
  • Shipping gateway development & integration
  • Magento customization services
  • Payment gateway development & integration
  • Bulk product import and data migration service
  • Magento performance tuning
  • Promotions and tax classes configuration
  • Third-party fulfillment services Integration (ex: Amazon, eBay)
  • Social Networking sites Integration like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Magento Development Services Process

At Web Makeout, we take each assignment as a project and follow a structured process to deliver industry-leading solutions to our clients. Each website is created with usability, structure, and flexibility in mind while providing a seamless navigational experience. Expert developers at Web Makeout evaluate clients’ online business objectives and prepare a specification and requirement mapping.

A pre-defined template is used to provide basic functionalities. On top of this, customization is performed to offer best-in-class, 100% unique solutions tailored to meet clients’ exact e-commerce website requirements.

Benefits delivered to Customers:

Our Magento development services bring the following benefits to the table:

  • Responsive Themes: Our sites are device-agnostic, they can auto render themselves when viewed on PC, Mobile, tablet, etc. thereby making sites accessible anytime, anywhere!
  • Customized eCommerce website: A repository of templates help us define the basic layout on top of which customizations are made to suit the client’s requirements. Our services are perfectly tailored to meet your specifications
  • Excellent User Interface: We offer an easy-to-use and visually appealing user interface loaded with vital functions like wish lists, search options, favorites, add-to-cart, easy checkout, and many more. This makes shopping easier and leads to increased sales.
  • Excellent User Experience: We offer expert design and structure to deliver brilliant home page designs, clear product pages, one-page checkout, etc. These functions come in handy to easily showcase your products & services to your target audience and offer a memorable and delightful shopping experience.

At Web Makeout, we bring tons of technical expertise and oodles of creativity to our customers. Following industry best practices helps us deliver responsive web design with high on-page performance optimization, faster page load time, and highly fluid pages. A passionate, well-qualified team with experience across the development of varied online shop solutions delivers the best of technology, consultancy, and marketing solutions. Web Makeout is the one-stop solution for your high-performance eCommerce Magento Development Services requirements.

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